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acting - directing - stage/house management - carpentry - prop/costume design & const. - make-up - sound & lighting - photography - publicity

Some people ask how Starlight has lasted for 33 years.

The answer is simple -

The same format which we used in 1976 is still in use today. We have kept ourselves small, put the enjoyment of the members as our number one concern, and have never turned down a student because they could not afford the tuition. We do this summer theatre program because we love the theatre and enjoy working with the young people who encourage others to participate because of the fun they have had.

Many times, once a student grows too old to participate, we hire that student as an assistant director, musical director, or director to work with a production. Many of our students continue on with theatre in college, community theatre, and some as their chosen life long careers. Starlight people are all over the world and time after time some new young actor shows up having found out because an older member has recommended it.

Recently we have started to attract the children of Starlight members who have either returned to the area to live and work, or have their children stay with friends or relatives so they may experience the Starlight Stage.



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acting - directing - stage/house management - set design - carpentry - prop/costume design & const. - make-up - sound & lighting - promotion - photography - promotion

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